We have a bond division which handles all the home loan applications on behalf of Propvision’s clients as well

as clients of our referral partners and associates.

With more than 21 years of experience the personal, prompt and professional services of this division will assure you and your clients of:

  • Competitive interest rates
  • Efficient administrative service
  • Good communication throughout the process
  • Peace of mind

For you as a network partner/associate/buyer/homeowner it is important that an experienced

mortgage originator submits your application to all major banks making sure that the best transaction

is negotiated on your behalf.

Working with your bank only, will not give you the negotiating power that our origination channel offers. Allowing us to generate multiple “quotes” to serve as bond options for you (Your bank included), allows you the best opportunity to find the optimal solution.

Our mortgage origination channel is prepared to motivate each individual application and advise clients

of the most suitable home loan option.

We have more than a 70% approval rate which is much higher that what clients achieve by going directly to their banks.