Through our very experienced and trusted independent financial advisor network, with more than 15 years of experience, we offer the following services. With the focus on adding value and creating opportunity by engaging, encouraging and educating our clients so that they can reach financial freedom and making sure that their risk is managed in the best possible way, personally, in business and in life.

We offer the following services:

Short Term Insurance

We cover all personal and business short term insurance needs. We also ensure you the best premiums by working with insurance search engines like Hippo.

o    Personal and household cover

o    Goods in transit

o    Business insurance

o    Commercial insurance

o    Specialized related cover (i.e. aviation, marine, contractors, personal accountability)

Medical Schemes

We offer access to health cover services in conjunction with our network partners. They are accredited with most major health care providers, i.e. Discovery, Fed health, Momentum, Liberty, Profmed, Medihelp, Selfmed, Medshield, Bonitas and Resolution Health.

Business Assurance

Our comprehensive range of business cover products gives you the peace of mind that your business will keep running even in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

  • Contingency Planning  

  • Partnership insurance 

  • Key person insurance

  • Surety protection

Tax Services

In association with our experienced accounting partners, we offer the full range of tax services for both business tax and personal income tax returns. 

Personal Insurance

Our long-term personal insurance offerings cover the full range and is underwritten by South Africa's top underwriters.

  • Life cover

  • Trauma/Disability cover

  • Income protection

  • Dread disease cover

  • Term insurance

  • Bond insurance

  Financial Guidance service

Our financial advisor network being in property for more than 15 years understands how property and financial planning works together.

We offer a financial guidance service to help clients align their investments with their financial objectives.  This usually includes adding property to their portfolios or restructuring their property portfolio or simply downscaling to free up investment capital. 

1.      Open your eyes

Conventional wisdom urges us to “get a safe job”, “invest in a retirement fund”, and that “the home you live in is your greatest asset”.  However, most people who follow this advice never break free from the rat race to achieve their real dreams and goals.  That is why you must stand back and evaluate these common wisdoms to see whether they have produced the desired results.

2.      Evaluate your situation

Propvision, through its authorised and professional financial adviser, will give you one free consultation to evaluate your financial position:

Will:  Do you have one?  Can it be executed?

Tax status:  Have you paid all your taxes to SARS?

Tax efficiency:  Can you pay less tax?

Investments and assets:  Are they relevant and growing?  Do they form part of your overall plan?

Liabilities:  Can these be restructured to free up you cash flow?

Cash flow and budget:  Does it make sense?  Can it be improved?

Risk management:  Are you aware of the risks you face?  Can these risks be controlled?

Wealth preservation:  How do you preserve wealth?  Do you make use of the right financial structures?

3.      Formulate your dreams and goals.

Clear objectives are crucial for wealth creation.  You will be asked to submit financial and other information to the financial adviser.  This will be analysed prior to the first meeting to make meaningful suggestions.  During this meeting, your attitude towards finances, risk, health and investments will be explored.  Next, your current and urgent issues will be discussed.  The following step is to look at your financial objectives and ways to achieve them, considering your tax position and current financial structures.  Where appropriate, financial and business structures such as trusts, sole proprietor businesses, close corporations and companies will be suggested as ways to ensure business and tax efficiency.

4.      Plan for success

We are in the business of helping people reach their full potential and live their dreams instead of worrying about financial provision and financial risks.  Propvision’s field of expertise includes the use of property as a tool to increase wealth and create opportunities.  We may also recommend other

investment vehicles.

5.      Implement the plan

We will help you implement your financial plan.  Propvision will show you how to incorporate property as an asset in your investment portfolio.  We will also help you to invest in property and other investment opportunities.

6.      Manage the plan

It is important to regularly evaluate and align your plan in terms of your financial objectives and personal circumstances.  In that way, you can live the life you’ve always dreamt of.


We will help you restructure your financial portfolio in order to align your investments with your financial objectives by incorporating income-generating property into your portfolio.

We believe in the fundamental principle that cash flow – not just capital – provides people with financial freedom.  That is why we need income-generating capital instead of capital locked up in property.  For example:  Homeowners usually have their money tied up in the house they own.  These property owners are very wealthy in terms of capital.  However, their cash flow tells another story.

Why wait all your life hoping that your property will realise capital growth if you are never going to sell it?  Instead, restructure your portfolio so that your passive income can exceed your active income.  Then you, too, can live your dreams right now.