Let us do the leg work of your business.

Whether it is the summarizing of bank statements, capturing of invoices or PAYE reconciliations and submissions.

Our service provider will help lighten your administration burden by providing our accounting services and doing what we do best.

Our services include:

  • Monthly accounting
  • Employee taxation
  • Biannual EMP reconciliation
  • VAT calculations & recons
  • Annual financial reporting
  • Income tax


There are many entrepreneurs with great ideas but due to the lack of financial experience, starting a successful business can be difficult.

Factors like:

  • choosing your company name,
  • Registration of your company
  • Statutory requirements.
  • Responsibilities as the employer and
  • Drawing up Shareholders’ agreements,

Only to name a few, are important aspects to consider before starting this journey.

Your mission, vision, goals and the feasibility of your idea also need to be considered.

When meeting with a client, one of our dedicated personnel will have a start-up consultation where all your questions can be answered and the necessary information can be collected to understand your financial position.

We can then help you set your goals and draw up a business plan to achieve this.

Our services include, but are not confined, to the following:

  • Registration of company as statutory required
  • Registration of all tax requirements such as PAYE, UIF, VAT
  • Drawing up business plans
  • Drawing up financial models/feasibility studies for finance approval

Strategic Planning

For our service providers it doesn’t matter if you have a successful track record.

Instead we look at the future potential of you and your business plan for a successful journey ahead.

We make it our priority to understand your history and track record, not as a limitation, but as a cornerstone to help set new targets and evaluate your goals. We will dedicate time to identify drawbacks in your current system and to revive growth opportunities.

At the House of Growth our only goal is to help our clients grow to their full potential and in the process, reach their dreams.

Our services include:

  • Monthly & Annual Budgets
  • Cash Flow Forecasts
  • Feasible Studies
  • Valuations
  • Management Accounts
  • Tax Planning
  • Group Structures